Second hand motorcycle: which neo-retro model for 5,000 euros?

Second hand motorcycle: which neo-retro model for 5,000 euros? post thumbnail image

Second hand motorcycle: which neo-retro model for 5,000 euros?

Bonneville, Enfield, Scrambler, Guzzi V7, Scrambler or Kawa W, neo-retro models are available for around 5 000 euros.selection

Motorcycles: which retro models at 5000 $? – A little vintage touch is always welcome: many motorcycles give themselves an old-fashioned look, both to revisit the mythical models of the past and to match the standards of café-racer and scrambler.

A bit of chrome here, rounded surfaces there, then a conical exhaust system and, hop, a motorcycle gains a bit of charm. Sometimes very simple, other times very “techno”, neo-retro models, always with a round headlight, are on the rise, both on the new and second-hand market.

And that’s where comes in, with a selection of attractive and accessible models.Review of used neo-retros, available for around $5,000.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500

To stretch out your arms and enjoy the thrill of every acceleration, you’ll have to choose something else, but to enjoy every metre covered at a senatorial pace, well installed on a thick saddle and rocked by the “plop-plop” of the single-cylinder, the Bullet lands there.

This accessible motorcycle forgets all notion of sportiness, but proves to be very easy to handle and light… Interesting arguments for urban riders looking for a good look, amateurs of simple pleasures and ease… at a low price.

Formerly equipped with a kick starter and carburetor, the Bullet gained an injection in 2008, which is where they have made progress in terms of fun. The air-cooled, tumbled single-cylinder engine sends out the right amount of vibration to generate feel, but doesn’t like high revs.

If it is sometimes necessary to tighten one or two bolts, the mechanics prove to be reliable and inexpensive to maintain. The basic prices seem very accessible on second hand, but the “shiny” models, perfectly maintained and possibly prepared, are sometimes overpriced.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Data Sheet (since 2008)

Guzzi V7 Motorcycle

Fine, elegant, friendly and… Italian.the V7, an authentic and desirable vintage machine, appeared in 2008.since then, this motorbike, which comes in many different versions (Stone, Racer, Classic, Special, Coffee…), has made all the heads of lovers of beautiful mechanicals unscrew.

On the handlebars, this compact machine is pleasant from the very first crankshaft revolutions, especially as each throttle stroke translates into a slight overturning torque, as fun as it is charming. More at ease on Sunday rides than around vibrators, the transalpine suffers from a somewhat loose damping.

It’s not one to be rushed, but its braking proves reassuring, and the vibrations of its sound twist and turn the banana. Performance remains average, however, with a historic V-twin engine developing “only” 49 hp. It’s still very sufficient for quiet and/or urban use.

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